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Costruisci la tua app con un click!

Create your Android / Apple application without programming, drag and drop, it only takes a few minutes.

Thanks to our powerful software, all functions are pre-installed, just add them and modify the contents to your liking.
Over 100 ready-to-use templates, just select the one most relevant to your business, add, delete, modify the contents with a click.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve never programmed, the idea is to give everyone the opportunity to create their own business application.

The package includes your lifetime apps with no monthly or yearly payments, you only buy once.
You can download for Android: source code, apk, aab
Apple: source code with advertisements, source code without advertisements

If you have problems with the publication we can do it for you.

If you don’t want to create a developer account, no problem!
We transform your application into Pwa Plus.
Everyone can download the app from any device skipping the stores, Android, Apple, tablet, PC and browser.

More info Pwa Plus

App creation test link:

Email: usertest191@gmail.com
Password: test123456

Available languages: English-Italian
If you need to add another language, please contact us






Your control panel
Insert and edit functions, change colors, earn with your admobs, download source codes, apk and aab files, all with one click.


Over 100 ready-made templates for many categories, custom icons included

Select the one that suits you best, this is just a ready idea.
You can also modify every single template via css, you can insert personal images, change colors and much more




Over 100 Layouts available to shape your application however you want.

Select the layout that best suits your application, professional templates for all tastes.



Simple and intuitive control panel, it only takes you a few minutes to create your app, quick and easy!
All changes are live:
When you make a change, you don’t need to re-publish the app, the change is in real time!

If you want, you can earn with admob, if you decide!



Over 100 functions available!
Insert a function, change the contents according to your needs, all in a simple and fast way, it only takes you a few minutes.



You can change the colors with one click.
If you have the skills, style the app however you want via css



Send push notifications globally or to a single person.
You can choose whether to send them only to Android, Apple, or both devices.
You can send the notification by adding an image or an external link.

You can schedule a notification on a specific date and time.


  • Summary
    With the purchase, you can create an Android / Apple application without monthly or annual payments, the app is forever yours
  • You can download source codes, apk files, aab files, everything you need to publish in the stores
  • You can place your Admob banner ads to monetize
  • Over 100 ready-to-use templates
  • Over 1000 ready-to-use layouts
  • Over 100 functions ready to use
  • You can customize your app via css
  • Live preview changes
  • Change colors with one click
  • Push notifications global or to a single person
  • You can insert a custom background image in all functions
  • Startup image, logo, app icon customizable with one click
  • All in drag and drop, no programming
  • And much more…


For extra services contact us

-Customize design
-Apple publication
-Android publication
-We transform the app into Pwa

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